A Recipe for Success for
Black Women & Girls!

We believe that young Black girls succeed. We believe that Black women achieve. We believe that Black girls and women thrive. By connecting Black women and girls with mentors, programs, education, and professional development, we strive to ensure every Black woman and girl has an equal opportunity to attain prominence in the fields of:

  • • Health
  • • Education
  • • Economics

Our organization advocates on behalf of Black women and girls to achieve their full potential.


Our organization focuses on promoting


We need our Black girls to connect with Black female leaders so that they may one day lead us. Finding and creating leadership roles in our educational, economic, and political fields are crucial to gaining equity for all people. The future depends on educational empowerment.

Thought Development

Critical thinking and scholarly reasoning lends itself to the ability to affect change in our world. We want to support Black girls and women engaging in the critical thought processes necessary to become trailblazers in crucial fields. We aim to minimize the diversity gap in certain specialized fields by providing Black women and girls the tools necessary to achieve success.

Gender Equity

There can be no justice without full equity for girls and women. We seek to end the discrimination that occurs at the intersection of gender and race by advocating for resources to be spent and directed towards educating and supporting Black girls and women through their professional and personal lives. The unique experiences of Black girls and women must be valued and held in the highest regard. Our advocacy organization seeks to maximize the strength of women and work towards full empowerment. Through education, mentorship, and community engagement, Black women and girls can continue on the path to true equity in the world.

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